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A few words about Best Rent Cars

The company is created by people with passion for the automotive industry, so we know what brand we are. Our employees have travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometers, repaired many cars, seen many collisions or road accidents. The standby team and the office will help you get things done.We take care of our customers by approaching them individually, trying to help them from A to Z.

We provide services, e.g. in the field of:

  • short-, medium- and long-term rentals
  • rental under the perpetrator’s liability insurance
  • roadside assistance
  • guarded car park for the duration of car rental/repair
  • damage assessment by an expert

We know our fleet very well and make sure that our customers are not surprised by a breakdown on the road. However, not everything is predictable, so we are insured.

If you are travelling with a child, the vehicle can be additionally equipped with a suitable child seat.

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